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Herbert Capstan

Our capstan machinery consists of three Herbert capstan models. We have a Herbert No.5 and Herbert No.4 Senior Preoptive Capstan. We also have a Herbert No. 2D Capstan.

Each machine has slightly different maximum sizes that it is able to machine, which means we are able to offer bespoke services to companies. The maximum collet bar size of the Herbert No.5 is ½”-2.5” x 15”. The Herbert No.4 has a maximum bar capacity of 3/8”-1 11/16” x 10”. Finally the Herbert 2D Capstan has a collet bar size of 5/32”-1 7/16” x 8”.

Each Herbert Capstan has different tooling points, which allows us to machine many different parts at many different angles. There is also a constant coolant applied when machining a part, this ensures that the manufacturing process does not need to be halted due to a metal overheating and changing shape, due to the high temperatures that it would reach without the use of the coolant.
For more information on how our Capstan machines can become an integral part of manufacturing your products, and how we can become Capstan Contractors for your manufacturing project, please complete your details (link to contact us / enquiry form page)