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Centre Lathe Turning

Our centre lathe turning machine is one of our essential pieces of high precision engineering equipment. The centre lathe is ideal for running a “one off” machining job.

The centre lathe turning machine is very similar to the other CNC lathes, and operates with a chuck rotating in the centre of the machine. This action allows for the tools to come into the chuck, and machine the piece of material.

The centre lathe is operated manually rather than automated (which is how our other CNC machines are used). This means there is always someone working on the turning machine, allowing them to measure and check the machining process at various stages, to avoid any errors or changes in the metal that is being machined.

It is because of this manual operation that the centre turning lathe is often used for manufacturing prototype products. Normally, a CNC lathe would be pre programmed to run a machining “job”, which would take the engineer time to set up and then monitor. This is not cost effect to the client wanting a single item, due to the time needed to set up the CNC machinery. Having a centre lathe turning machine allows us to offer every type of high precision engineering service from a one piece item through to thousands of safety critical parts.

Clients will send us the prototype diagrams and measurements, and our precision engineers will ensure we meet the accuracy required. All our work goes through our in-house engineering inspection department, meaning clients can be very confident that we will meet there very detailed manufacturing requirements.

For any prototype manufacturing query, or other high precision engineering requirement, please complete our contact form or contact us on 01522 800975.

Metal Turning Lathe

Our metal turning lathe prototype manufacturing service, allows single items to be machined within a very high precision engineering process.
This makes this service ideal for one off items as the cost of setting up a full CNC lathe can prove prohibitive for the client. Our centre lathe turning machine allows a more cost effective option for prototype manufacture.

The metal turning lathe is manually operated, with the “job” being continuously checked and measured against the information provided by the customer.

We can also give advice regarding the different metals that might be considered to machine the prototype product from, especially if “live” metals are one of the considerations as these can often change shape throughout the manufacturing process.

Our experience and expertise make us a perfect choice for any prototype manufacturing jobs.

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