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CNC Horizontal Lathe

The difference between a vertical CNC lathe and a horizontal CNC lathe is the diameter that each is able to take. A vertical lathe will be able to machine a much bigger diameter of material than a horizontal lathe.

The vertical lathe has a turning mechanism, which means the material can be “turned” whilst individual tools “machine” the metal. They are especially useful for high precision engineering jobs, offering very sturdy support to the material.

Similar to all our CNC lathes, the vertical lathe has a coolant blasted at the point of contact between the tools and the material. This increases the life of the cutting tools, and means that high accuracy is maintained.

Below is a list of the different types of manufacturing jobs we are asked to carry out:

Dowels: These are little round chunks of metal, which are used to stop movement between two different parts of a structure. They are often needed as interference fits (very tight fits), to ensure they do not come loose.

Flanges: Normally used to join two pipes together.
Bosses: These are also used to join two pipes together;

however the pipes usually join at a right angle, rather than “end to end”.

Blade Spacers: These are spacers that keep turbine blades apart.

Turbine Parts: Such as turbines blades and distributor shafts.

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