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Engineering Inspection

One of the core services we offer is our engineering inspection service. We are able to inspect other peoples work, as well as inspecting all our own work before it leaves our premises. Many other manufacturing companies do not have an internal inspection department, however our engineering inspector has, amongst other things, DSQR status for Siemens.
All our inspected items are stamped and signed for. We also package the inspected items and prepare them for dispatch.
Our Faro Arm means our inspector is able to measure to an incredible accuracy (1/1000th of an inch). This means we are able to offer a measuring service to other manufacturing companies who are in dispute with their clients over the accuracy of their work. We have found that 90% of the time, the manufacturing company has been correct in their measurements. Due to our reputation for our inspection service, once we produce a report for the manufacturing company / client, this is accepted as a final document on accuracy.
So whether you are in dispute with your client or your manufacturer, we can offer a service to help you prove that the manufactured piece is or isn’t within acceptable measured tolerances.
For more information about our Engineering Inspection service please call us or complete the enquiry form.