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Faro Arm

Combining the measuring accuracy of height gauges, callipers and micrometers, the Faro Arm is an incredibly accurate and extremely flexible measuring gauge.

The CMM inspection market has been revolutionised by the Faro Gage, which offers an incredible accuracy of up to +/- 0.005mm. This makes it the world’s most accurate portable CMM measuring gauge. The Faro Gage can also measure any part in three dimensions (3D), but offers even more with its speed and portability – comparable with that of traditional hand measuring tools.

The Faro Arm offers comprehensive reports when measuring any 3D part, storing the data from each measurement request, and automatically generating a simple pass or fail answer. Our CMM inspection service is carried out by one of the most respected inspectors in the region, which means his outstanding skills, coupled with the incredible accuracy of the Faro Gage, allows us to offer reconditioning and refurbishment work.

This CMM measuring service also extends to other engineering firms, who require precise measurements, when their own traditional methods of measurement have not provided them with the accuracy they require.

We have already helped firms who have produced work that has been rejected due to a buyer disagreeing with their measurements. So far, 9 times out of 10, the firm has produced the items correctly, and with the backing of the CMM inspection service, we have been able to help them conclusively prove this.

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