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Q: What size projects can you do?

A: From one off jobs to production runs.

Q: What makes you stand out from your competitors?

A: We thrive on delivery on time, quality of workmanship and that we can machine exotic materials.

Q: Do you offer traceability on your materials?

A: We offer full traceability on all the materials we work with.

Q: Do you recycle any of your materials?

A: Yes, we are very keen on recycling all of our waste product.

Q: What machines do you currently use?

A: We have 3 capstans, capable of going up to 50 mm bar capacity. We also operate a milling section where we can mill up to a metre cube. We also have a machine called a Boko F30 milling machine. We have a very large radial arm drill which has a 6ft radial arm. We have just recently invested in a Puma 480L which is a long bed lathe.

Q: How large and skilled is your workforce?

A: My workforce is very skilled(multi-skilled). One man can operate more than one machine, so when one machine is on a cycle he can work on another machine.

Q: What exotic materials can you use?

A: We work with pure silver, oxygen free copper, super duplex, duplex, stainless steel, titaniums and diamonics.

Q: What quality inspection processes do you use?

A: I have a full time inspector who inspects every job we produce. All of our staff also inspect their own work. We actually offer an inspection service, which we use a faro arm(CCM).