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We have several different types of grinders. The first type is our surface grinders. These are used when a flat piece of material requires a good surface finish, usually a very smooth finish, but one that also requires a high tolerance level.

We often come across metals that are too hard to be “turned” (i.e. heat treated), therefore to machine these pieces of metal to your exact measurements we are able to grind them.

One of our grinding machines has a 2ft diameter grinding wheel, and this is accurate enough to put a very small metal dowel through that requires a “little flat edge”. The flat edge of a dowel allow for the air to escape as the dowel is knocked into place within a much larger structure such as a gas turbine or an aerospace part.

We currently have four grinders in our engineering works including a Churchill dolly grinder, a Churchill Centreless grinder, a Jones and Shipman 1540 Surface Grinder and finally, a Jones and Shipman Grinder.

For more specifications on our grinders, or to see how we can help you with a manufacturing requirement, please complete our contact us page, or call us on 01522 800975.