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The first of our precision machining equipment, we have several CNC lathes within our engineering works, including the Puma 480L, which is one of the largest CNC lathes in Lincolnshire. We also have a small CNC lathe, as well as a Centre Lathe machine.

Another of our precision machining machines, we offer both a horizontal milling machine, as well as a vertical milling machine. Milling machines are ideal when you are unable to turn a material any further.

We are the proud owners of a Herbert Capstan, the third part of our precision machining arsenal. This allows us to offer a bespoke machining service to those companies who want a one off item, or who only want to manufacture smaller quantities of machined items.


Similar to the Herbert Capstan, the centre lathe machine is ideal for companies wanting one off items manufacturing. Although the centre lathe machine can be used to produce one off items, it does not detract from the high precision engineering service it can provide.


We have two drilling machines in our engineering works. These are used to either on an automatic basis, or on a manual basis, and both machines can manufacture tapped products. A tapped product is one which has a thread inside the drilled hole.


Our final precision machining pieces of equipment are the service grinder and our through grinder. These can be used to produce a great surface finish on a material.