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Horizontal Milling Machine

A horizontal milling machine enters the manufacturing process when a piece of material cannot be “turned” anymore, that is, it cannot be machined by other manufacturing equipment such as cnc lathes, drills or grinders.

“Milling” means the removal of material from a solid piece of metal – for example, we manufacture high precision computer casing that require “fins” down each side. The milling machine will cut into the metal and make the exact shape of the required fins.

There is also a vertical milling machine, the only difference being which direction the spindle of the cutting tool comes from. The milling machines will move the piece of material towards the cutting tool (and back again), rather than some of the other manufacturing machinery such as CNC lathes  which hold the material in place whilst multipoint tools are able to machine the item.

The accuracy of the milling machines make them an integral part of our high precision engineering service, as they are able to machine to a quarter of an inch in accuracy.

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