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Vertical Milling Machine

Our vertical milling machine can either be manually operated, or it can be automated via electronic programming. This means our precision engineers are able to start the milling process and then continue with another part of the manufacturing process knowing exactly when the milling machine would be due to finish its “job”.

This means we are able to give accurate quotations on all types of manufacturing work, as we will be able to allow specific times needs for each part of the manufacturing process.

Our milling machines are able to perform several, highly complex “machining” processes such as keyway cutting (which is where the material is cut to enable a sliding fit with another part of material).

Similar to the other CNC lathes, there is a high pressure coolant that is used to enable the tools to be used on a more continuous basis without overheating, again reducing the time needed to stop and start due to the material overheating.

Finally the cutting equipment of a vertical milling machine will come from above (and down) onto the material that requires machining. A horizontal milling machine will have the cutting equipment sliding horizontally towards the machined material.

Again, the accuracy of our milling machines helps us to manufacture safety critical parts for turbines and the aerospace.

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