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CNC Precision Engineering

Our CNC precision engineering service department has many different types of machinery available, to ensure your safety critical engineered parts, are manufactured with incredible accuracy and measurements.

Our machinery includes several lathes, millers, grinders, drills and capstans. Each one has a specific role to play in the manufacturing process depending on the size of the material being used and the accuracy needed for each part.

A CNC (computerised numerically controlled) machine can be programmed, step by step, via a personal computer.

The programming will show:
•    Almost every cut (or pass).
•    How many passes will be required to finish the project.
•    Give a good estimate of the time required for each job.

This is crucial when we are quoting on a manufacturing request as we can:
•    Be very accurate with the time involved.
•    Take into account the amount of “tool wear” a project will take.

Using our CNC machinery, we can also put an “offset” into the programme, allowing our highly skilled staff to check & inspect their work. This is extremely important as sometimes a diameter of the material will change when it is machined. Therefore our precision engineers can make the necessary adjustments before hundreds of the same parts are wrongly manufactured.

To see how we can help you produce you manufactured parts, please contact us either by telephone or via the contact us form (link to the contact us page).