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Precision Engineers

We are precision engineers, established since 1947, and we carry out high precision engineering work for Siemens, Croft Racing Engines, Flowserve Pumps, James Dawson Global Hose Specialists and many more companies.

As precision engineers, we understand that accuracy and measurement are absolutely critical to the success (and tolerance) of the parts we machine in our engineering works. We are able to produce service finishes (when fitting bearings), as well as shaped metals such as turbine blades, turbine blade spacers, flanges, distributor shafts and other safety critical parts.

We offer full traceability on all the parts we manufacture – including:
•    Where the initial material was bought from and what material was used.
•    The relevant certificates of the material, the dates we manufactured the product and which machines the material was used on.
•    Which member of our precision engineering team was involved in the manufacturing process, and what machine he used for which particular part of the machining process.
•    The sizes required and the sizes achieved (with an engineering inspection check taking place on the parts).
•    How many parts were produced, when the job was finished and the drawing number.

We will also ensure that the product code, job code and subcontract code are etched on to every finished part. This is a service not every manufacturing company will be able to provide you with and is absolutely crucial should any manufactured product suddenly fail.
We are extremely proud of our outstanding reputation as precision engineers, and we would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your high precision engineering needs. Please complete the enquiry form or call us at our office today.