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Gas Turbine Parts

We were awarded with our first certificate as a gas turbine parts manufacturer, by Siemens Limited and Napier Turbo Charges in 1994. This was awarded to us through the partnership scheme. Since then we have consistently delivered a very high standard of precision engineering work for Siemens.

There are many gas turbine parts we are able to manufacture including turbine blade spacers, distributor shafts, accelerator linkage, flanges, dowels, bearings, bearing casings and castings. Each part requires a high degree of accuracy and measurement, as these parts are often integral to the reliability and safety of the gas turbines.

Each part we manufacture has full traceability. We etch on to each individual part, information such as the subcontract code, the job code and the product code. We will also have all the paperwork on which material was used and where it was bought from. We would keep the relevant material certificates. We would know which machines had been used on each individual part, how long they had been on each machine and which of our engineers was involved in the process. This traceability is not something every manufacturer can offer; however we understand the importance to companies such as Siemens to have this information to hand.

Such is the quality of our work, we are able to act as an inspector for Siemens, which means every part is inspected, stamped and signed for by our DSQR inspector.

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