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Aerospace Parts

We are often requested to engineer aerospace parts for the military of defence or the aerospace industry. Our high precision engineering service makes us the perfect choice for manufacturing safety critical parts on airplanes.

We are also able to manufacture bespoke products, with a recent job arriving from RAF Waddington for an engine jig. When an engine is removed from a plane (in this case the AWACS), the engine cannot simply be placed on a bench for the engineers to work on and carry out their checks. There needs to be a specialist piece of equipment that can carry the engine, in this case an engine mounting cradle or jig.

One of the other items we manufactured for the same job were hanging brackets. When an engine is removed from a plane, the equivalent amount of weight needs to be hung in the place the engine previously occupied, otherwise the air frame will twist (due to a lack of weight in one particular section of the plane). We were able to manufacture some “load tested” hanging brackets which enabled the safe removal of the engine.

The accuracy and measurement of our work is absolutely crucial. Which means our whole process from initial consultation, drawings, material choice and machining, through to our inspection service; all have to comply with an extremely high standard. We are very proud to be able to offer such safety critical equipment manufacturing, and as well as aerospace parts, we are also able to produce gas turbine parts, wind turbine parts and steam turbine parts  to an exceptionally high standard.

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