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Weld Neck

A weld neck flange is a machined (or drilled) piece of metal, round in shape that will be engineered to the same thickness as the pipe it is being fitted to. They are attached to pipes, valves and other objects that require a combination of strengthening and connection.
Weld Neck flanges are often used to help with the assembly of a piping system.
They are different to other flanges, usually with a hub that tapers. There will usually be a slight differential between to the thickness of the flange, where the butt weld joins them to a fitting (or pipe). They are fitted to the pipe or valve using a bevel weld, this provides superb reinforcement and strength to the pipe joint. The tapered thickness of the flange to the pipe helps considerably when the pipe expands or bends.

A weld neck flange will often be used on pipes and valves whereby there will be great levels of stress, or where conditions can become very severe. The bevel weld, means the flange requires only one weld to be attached to the pipe or fitting.
The flanges come in various sizes, for example, the length will include the bevel end, tapered hub, plate part of the flange and the face. They are often available in specific classifications including a class 150, class 300 and a class 400.
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