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Wind Turbine Parts

There are many wind turbine parts that require high precision engineering:

•    2 large propellers
•    Bearings
•    Shafts & Spindles
•    Castings
•    Bearing Housing
•    Blade Spacers

The manufacture of the large propellers would see our engineers using a casting. A casting is where they would make a mould in wood, then in sand, finally adding molten metal to produce the casting. This technique means and size or shaped product can be made.

The shafts and spindles are long, solid pieces of material. The difference between the two is their size (with spindles being smaller). The shafts run on (or through) bearing housing, and again this is an item we are able to engineer.

Each element within the turbine is critical; one failed component can cause huge amounts of damage and costly repairs, which is why we are delighted with the highly skilled engineers who work as part of our team.

For more information on how we can manufacture any of the items mentioned, please call us on 01522 800975 or complete our contact us form.