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Steam Turbine Parts

There are many individual, yet essential, safety critical parts that make up a steam turbine.

Dowels: These are little round chunks of metal that are used to stop two separate items from moving. They have to have very high tolerance levels and are critical in keeping everything “in place” inside a turbine. They are normally manufactured with a “flat side”. We use our grinders to machine this part of the dowel, which allows them to be pushed into an “interference fit” or tight fit. The flat edge allows for the air to come out of the hole you are pushing the dowel into.

Flanges: These are normally used to join two pieces of pipe of tube together.

Bosses: These are used to strengthen a joint or hole in a manufactured piece of pipe. Often when two pipes are fitted together (not end to end – but at a right angle), a boss will be needed to strengthen the “hole” in the pipe where they meet.

Turbine Blades & Spacers: Blades are what turns a turbine wheel. Each blade requires a space between them. These are usually stainless steel or cast iron. These are usually machined in one of our lathes, followed by our grinders. The grinders ensure that the spacers are flat all the way around. This is something we have been able to perfect over the years.

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