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CNC Lathe Software

The CNC lathe software that is installed on all our CNC lathes is Microsoft fanuc pro-turn. This means our CNC machines are very user friendly and interactive.

For example, we are able to programme the next engineering job on a CNC lathe machine whilst the current “machining” job is still taking place. This potentially speeds up the amount of time needed on each job, as we do not need to wait for an engineering job to finish before preparing for the next one in the queue.

The CNC software is also to store lots of different programmes at once, and these can be simply downloaded from the internet. What is exceptionally useful about the software that we use is that if something is incorrect, the programme will highlight this before an engineering job is started.

There is also an option to run a “cycle start” programme, this means once you have pressed “go” on the CNC lathe, it will machine a little bit of the material (almost like a tester), this will allow the precision engineer to measure and check the work before continuing. This means that if there was a fault with the measurements, or something wasn’t quite right, we would not be running off thousands of incorrectly measured components, costing us time and money.

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