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A mandrel is a mould that can form a concertina shape, and is used in the manufacturer of products that require a concertina effect such as hoses.

We manufacture mandrels for James Dawson Global Hose Specialists, who are world renowned for their development, design and manufacturing of specialist hoses for the commercial diesel engine industry.

There are two important areas that help us win this type of manufacturing work, firstly we are renowned for our high precision engineering, which means we are able to produce any mandrel to within 1/1000th of an inch accuracy. Secondly, we are able to produce any shape or size of mandrel, sometimes the hose needs to be much longer, which means all we need to do is manufacture each segment of the hose and then “nut and bolt” them together.

We also work with HGV manufacturers who require mandrels for the hose attachments you see linking a HGV cabin to the HGV trailer.

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