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One of our most fundamental engineering services that we provide, and the success that A Green Engineering has been built on. Our precision engineers have a solid foundation of both skill and experience. The management team, led by Eian Green, guide the business, finding new markets and niche areas, through their experience and own personal engineering skills.


Another of our engineering services, we offer a directional drilling service, allowing our team to drill extremely accurate holes within 1/1000th of an inch. We are also able to offer tapping where needed.

Probably our second most important engineering service, our engineering inspection service showcases just how highly regarded we are as a high precision engineering firm. Our inspection service allows companies and other engineering firms to check the accuracy of their manufactured parts, with our Faro Gage offering a 1/1000th of an inch accuracy measurement.

Capstan Machines

As Capstan contractors, we are able to offer the use of a lathe for the manufacture of smaller quantity items or one offs. Usually the cost of setting up a CNC machine to produce a one off item can prove too costly; therefore our capstan lathe ensures we are able to cover any size of enquiry.